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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
From the 3/6 D&C

Minarik says state Democrats too full of ire

GOP chairman takes cue from colleagues, calls Spitzer a bully

State GOP Chairman Stephen Minarik has a new line about the statewide Democratic ticket: "The All-Mean Team."

"They are mean-spirited downstaters," Minarik, also head of the Monroe County GOP, said recently. "Eliot Spitzer is a big bully. There's no question he has an attitude."

Hamlin Democratic Committee Town Leader Replys:

For a political party that employs hacks such as Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Rielly and Michael Savage it is laughable to read that Steve Minarik wants to characterize Democrats as “mean-spirited.” In tediously predictable fashion Minarik seeks to divert attention from the issues by making Democrats react to his inane assertion. Republicans candidates are terrified that voters will examine their record. Minarik hopes that by misdirecting the dialogue voters will somehow skip the issues.

Are Democrats angry? Of course we are! From the top down Republicans have lied, misrepresented their ambitions and harmed middle class families.

*The President exploited the tragedy of 9/11 to install a permanent American military presence in the middle East, fulfilling a strategy designed by his staff prior to1997. (See: ) Bush took Bill Clinton’s budget surplus and transformed it into the biggest deficit in world history.

* In NY, Governor Pataki has presided over “the most dysfunctional state government in the US (See: ) New York is a laughing stock, incapable of passing a budget on time.

* In Monroe County Jack Doyle engineered the greatest budget deficit in County history to be followed by Maggie Brooks who immediately imposed the greatest single tax increase in county history! (See: D&C Archives)

And where was Steve Minarik in all this? He was the architect of the Brooks campaign which claimed that it would not raise taxes, cut jobs and services. All three of which they did immediately after being elected. Minarik authored the craven Pac-Man ads that distorted and demeaned the efficiencies of county consolidation, ideas which Maggie Brooks now embraces!

In November’s election Minarik was caught red-handed playing bait and switch with Republican Committees to evade paying state taxes on over $100,000 in campaign spending!

Are we mad? You bet. Republicans up and down the political spectrum have shown themselves to be liars, cheats and chillingly corrupt stewards of the trust given them by voters.*

Steve Minarik, hopes that by characterizing Democrats as angry he can divert the voters attention from the issues and the Republican record. Good luck with that.

Peter Tonery

* New Supervisor excepted.

Note: The D&C refused to publish this letter!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Yes, "our children are our most precious resource!" That’s why they make such good kindling for political exploitation!

As I have always said, there is no force on earth more powerful then a Mother’s raw, unfocused fear! That’s why, as your state Senator, I have made every effort to nurture irrational, unfounded fears in my ongoing effort to get your vote. The Republican Party, under the leadership of President Bush and the Office of Homeland Security , has achieved unprecedented levels of fear-mongering in 2005 and we hope to improve this effort throughout 2006! It is our goal that the American Dream of Monsters Around Every Corner be kept alive and well, right up to Election Day!

So please, heed this irrational call for the licensing of your children! Bring them to Child Safety Day to have them photographed and fingerprinted like common criminals.

To avoid delays be sure to bring the following essential documents with you when come:
* Your Social Security Card
* Your spouse’s SSI card
* All your children’s SSI cards
* A copy of your income Tax return from 2005
* A record of any unreported income such as money from plowing driveways, selling firewood, landscaping or waitressing tips.
* A copy of your and your children’s medical records.
* Your green card.
* Your WIC, Welfare or Food Stamp registration documents.
* A copy of your lease or mortgage.
* Copies of your utility, cable television and credit card bills.
* If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or family history of heart disese bring a release signed by your physcian or HMO that you and your children are healthy enough to have micro-transmitter chips embedded under the skin.

Remember, your children will never really be safe until the government can track them by satellite!

Desperate for the truth? Good luck! The following website claimed that in 2001 over 840,000 children were abducted! (

Believe that? About SEVENTEEN TIMES the number of soldiers killed in the entire Vietnam War! 17 times EVERY YEAR! Why in ten years that would be 8,400,000 children. That's about EVERY KID IN NEW YORK STATE!

WOW! Who could possibly be lying about these figures? Who would want to scare the public so badly? Hmmm, maybe bogus charities that exploit people's fears? Maybe cheesy politicians who want to suck up votes?

By the way, in 2001 the FBI recorded 115 stranger abductions in the ENTIRE COUNTRY! Fewer than half went unsolved.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ironicly, batons made by beaver

Hamlin, NY, (WPI) - Hundreds of demonstrators, some of them looking remarkably like beavers, clashed with Park Police and DEC officials in an ongoing protest over the plan by Park Manager “Big Jim” Slusarczyk to drown a family of harmless beaver who have made a home in the park.

In a bizarre twist on the mission to protect wildlife in a State Park, management has undertaken to exterminate the recently arrived mammals.

We haven’t seen beaver in this Park in probably a hundred years,” claimed old-timer Jay Martinski of Cabbage Beach Road, “It’s a durn shame they gotta be wiped out just a few years after findin’ their way back.”

“Who in Hamlin has ever seen and enjoyed watching beaver work on their dam?” asked protestor Norm Boors of Muddy Farm Lane, “What is the Park for if not to protect wildlife and nurture opportunities for residents to enjoy nature? Did I just use the word ‘nurture’?” he asked as a nurse applied mortar to a head injury.

I moved out of town because there were no beaver in Hamlin,” added protestor Jamie Lynn Bread-Clawski. “I moved into a nice house on a golf course in Clarkson where they encourage the animals. Some people said I was chasing them but that’s not quite accurate.”

More protests are planned.

Story on pg. 3B

Monday, February 13, 2006

Why Kill the Beavers?

Last week the DEC issued a permit to a Hamlin resident to trap a family of beaver who have moved into Yanty Creek near the marsh.

These beautiful animals have been in the creek for the last three or four years and have managed to survive traffic, predators, disease and extreme weather conditions. Now they face their worst enemy- us!

While beaver are no longer on the endangered species list, there are not many around. It is likely that ninety per cent of Hamlin residents have never seen one in the wild.

Allegedly, the trapping is being allowed because the beaver have cut down trees!

That is of course what they do. They eat trees and other plants, they build their lodge and dams with them and it is tree bark which keeps them alive over the winter.

Beaver favor aspen, cottonwood and other poplar trees. These species grow like weeds. There is no shortage of them or other trees in the State Park. The number of trees these creatures cut down has no greater impact than similar “losses” to wind, insects and storms. These losses are insignificant compared to the ones inflicted by humans. Many, many more trees are cut down in Hamlin every year for firewood, for convenience and for new development. Why should we kill these animals for harvesting food and shelter?

In reality, the actions of a family of beaver, in a protected State Park, results in far less of a “negative impact” then 99% of the human activity in Hamlin. On the contrary, the behaviors of these animals is natural and, while it might affect some local ecologies, can easily be mitigated by the intervention of a small group of caring and cautions humans. Whatever fears exist about beavers cutting down trees or damming the flow of the creek could likely be managed by a local scout troop who have “adopted” the animals.

A family of beaver is a wonderful natural resource for any community. Their industriousness is legendary and the subject of many stories and metaphors in our culture. To see and examine a beaver damn or lodge is a wonderful experience. People call beaver “marvelous” engineers and that is not far from the truth. The animals are compelled to build and their structures are amazing. They are also gentle creatures, mammals who care for their families with affection.

Wildlife is under dramatic stress in our society. What better addition can there be to our local State Park than an opportunity to enjoy the delightful experience of observing beaver in their natural habitat? We don’t need to permit a returning species to be wiped out, once again, based on speculation of the harm they might cause.

As an active a hunter and fisher I respect the policies of natural balance which includes harvesting of wildlife. I advocate for taking wildlife in a “humane” manner when practicing the sports. If there were an overabundance of these animals, or a significant harm proven, then I would support hunting them with gun or bow. Drowning, in my opinion, is not humane.

These animals are a wonderful, attractive addition to our area and should be protected and promoted.

Saturday, January 21, 2006
Still not a house! Note the garage inside the "garage," and the pre-existing, REAL garage on the property to the right!

How stupid is the Hamlin Zoning Board? After last Monday night's meeting far worse than anyone had imagined!

Before the board was an application by Kevin Clark to subdivide the parcel at 5733 West Wautoma Beach Road. This is the home of the infamous "House we call a Garage," that awful hallucination which drove the neighbors to sue the Zoning Board- and WIN.

Nearly 15 months ago NYS Supreme Court Judge Evelyn Frazee handed down her decision in the matter. She told the ZBA that, under Hamlin Zoning Law, the structure was a house. She threw out the "dwelling unit" definition they had tried use to mask their near absolute ignorance. The judge directed the ZBA to revisit the issue and render the correct decision based STRICTLY on the applicable law.*

So what did the ZBA do? EXACTLY THE SAME THING THEY DID LAST TIME! How stupid are these people? How does this community tolerate such willful ignorance?

Judge Frazee’s told the ZBA specifically that the regulations they considered to call the structure a garage were WRONG! So.... they turned around and used them again!

The judge wrote down the exact law that the ZBA MUST USE and told them specifically what law they COULD NOT USE- the Hamlin Zoning Board then proceeded to do the reverse!

It is truly incredible! The Judge took the time to help the ZBA understand the law and they ignored it! This is more than just plain old stupidity, this is vindictive politics that punishes all Hamlin taxpayers. Not only do our laws go unenforced, but when the town is sued and that costs all of us!

This kind of arrogance and blanket stupidity is normally only seen on tv! Like the idiot judge of the Dukes of Hazzard, Norm Baas sits atop Hamlin's ZBA and makes malicious and moronic rulings. This latest one tops them all.

Hamlin citizens should know that Judge Frazee handed down her decision in the matter FIFTEEN MONTHS AGO and the ZBA has studiously ignored her order since then!

Some other highlights of the meeting: The new owner of the parcel, Mr Kevin Clark, told the ZBA that the reason he is seeking to subdivide the parcel is so he can finish the "garage" and sell it as a house!

Twice before, the previous owner Rick Vito asked the ZBA to subdivide the parcel so HE could sell the "garage" as a house! The second time he even claimed that he had a buyer! The ZBA turned Vito down twice yet now they plan to grant it to the new owner! Exact same details, exact same zoning requirements but now, inexplicably, it is OK to approve!

As most people know, this stupid, hostile behavior is an ugly and childish backlash toward the family which brought the lawsuit (and WON!) ZBA Chairman Norm Baas was one of Austin Warner's most loyal supporters. It is no secret that the combined issues of Larry Gursslin's illegal firing and this lawsuit were two of the most significant factors is Warner not seeking reelection.

The truth about Warner being forced from office is slowly seeping out. The inner core of the Good-Ole-Boys who USED TO control the Hamlin Republican Committee directed Warner to resign because they knew that the full Committee would not vote to endorse him as a candidate!

But, while Warner is gone, Baas is not. Baas, his head filled with concrete (as he likes to brag!) is the painful Austin Warner hangover Hamlin residents must continue to suffer. Baas, and the equally malicious and petty Planning Board Chairman Jim Nessbitt, are determined to show the new administration that it has no power. These dull witted goons are intent on sending a message to the new town board- "WE are Hamlin, not you! WE will still do things the old way!"

Never mind that the "old way" is illegal, petty and childish! It is THEIR way and they'll stick to it! The idiotic "Baas Squad" will defy a New York State Supreme Court Judge to simply, and pointedly, cause more suffering and harm to the family that had the courage to stand up and demand that the ZBA enforce local laws- as they are obligated to do.

This "affrontery" to the ZBA's perverted ego is sufficient motivation to tell the judge, "We read your ORDER and we disagree. We were right and you are wrong. We are smarter then you. We are not going to obey ."

Finally, as if the public needed more proof of how lazy and stupid the ZBA is, almost the entire board moaned and and groaned about how "hard this issue has been" and "how long we have been struggling with it!"

WHAT?! Who are they kidding? They have NEVER dealt with it! When Larry Gursslin first slapped a "Stop Work Order" on the property almost five years ago they might have "acted." When the owner plead guilty in town court for zoning violations the ZBA might have acted.

It was their mind numbingly stupid "act" to alter reality by calling an acknowledged house a "garage" that sent the issue to Supreme Court!

Now, FIVE YEARS LATER, the ZBA complains about how HARD THEY WORKED ON IT?

Stupid, arrogant, whiny, ignorant
- words simply fail to describe the Hamlin Zoning Board.

It's too bad that public officials cannot be jailed when they break the law. The community will have to find some other way to get rid of Norm Baas.

Hamlin Zoning Code 125-9 DEFINITIONS defines;

"DEWLLING - Any building or portion thereof designed or used as the residence or sleeping place of one (1) or more persons."

"DWELLING UNIT- One or more rooms constituting a separate, independent housekeeping unit for ownership, or lease or rent, designed for occupancy for one (1) family, and physically independent of any other group of rooms or dwelling units which may be in the same structure, and containing independent cooking, sanitary and sleeping facilities."

Q: How stupid does one have to be to not understand that a "DWELLING" describes a single family house and a "DWELLING UNIT" describes a method of determining if a house is a multi-family or apartment building?

A: Just stupid enough to qualify for a place on the Hamlin Zoning Board!

Hamlin Zoning Code 125-9 DEFINITIONS defines;

"GARAGE, PRIVATE- A detached accessory building or portion of a principle building for the parking or temporary storage of automobiles, travel trailers and/or boats of the occupants of the premises and wherein:
(1) Not more than one (1) space is rented for parking to persons not resident on the premisses.
(2) Not more than three commercial vehicles per dwelling unit are parked or stored.
(3) The commercial vehicle permitted does not exceed two (2) tons in weight."

AND, Hamlin Zoning Code 125-39, C, states

"B. An attached private garage may provide living space on the second floor. A detatched private garage may not provide living space.

C. A detached private garage or carport, or non-agricultural storage barn must be erected equal to or behind the front main foundation line of the principle dwelling or building on the lot, and shall not be located nearer than fifteen (15) feet to any rear or side property lines, nor closer to ten (10) feet to any other building on the lot."

Q: If a structure is "designed" as a dwelling and violates the required setback for an accessory structure isn't it obvious that the structure is a house?

A: I can't say. I'm a member of the Hamlin Zoning Board and I don't understand big words like "design" or "setback." In fact, I don't really know what "zoning" is or what it's for. They just pay me six grand a year to show up. Who said I had to know anything?

Q: If a guy erects a building and tells you it is a detached "garage with living space," even though it's illegal to have "living space," and then he tells you he's going to sell the building as a "house," as soon as it's finished so the buyer can move right in, what would you conclude the building actually is: a garage or a house?

A: I'm on the Hamlin Zoning Board so I'm not sure. I guess that, even though it was designed as- and obviously looks like- a two story house and it has many divided rooms inside and includes an "attached garage" area for parking cars, I would say it is a garage because no toilets were installed yet and because the builder that wants to sell it as a house told me before it was "really" a garage. But...maybe he was trying to trick me! People try to trick me all the time. It hurts my feelings! Ohhhhhhh, this is SO hard. My brain hurts, could we talk about something else. I like eggs. Do you like eggs? Anyway, about the question, that's just my guess.

Saturday, December 10, 2005
Warner's Final Flush

Hamlin’s political rumor mill is drenched with the story about how lame-duck supervisor, Austin Warner the XIV, will permit the proposal giving the town’s water system to Monroe County to come up and BE VOTED ON during next Monday’s meeting!

Warner denied repeatedly during the alleged public hearing last Tuesday that HE would bring up the proposal. He also said that he would not allow it to come up for a vote.

Would the departing supervisor LIE? While it’s shocking to imagine, it IS possible!

Warner will just play dumb when the resolution is presented and seconded. During “discussion” he’ll protest a little bit, but this will be for show. The entire charade has been planned!

The story goes that last Tuesday, prior to going to St. Elizabeth’s, a secret meeting of the Town Board, minus Paul Rath, was held in the Town Hall. To begin with, this meeting was illegal- and it puts what follows in the proper context.

At the gathering, Warner declared that the Water Plan vote MUST be taken in the December 12 TB meeting. He told the board members that he wanted it done because it would be too much of a hassle, and might not even happen, if it were put off until the new administration comes into office.

It was acknowledged that Paul Rath would not vote for the proposal, but everyone else would! George Todd said that he would only vote for it if Warner and the others swore they, and the Hamlin Republican Committee, would support him for reelection in ‘06! Dave Rose who supports the plan, worried that the vote would look like a betrayal to the incoming administration, which has asked for a delay, so he demanded a way to cover his butt! Shirley Hollink will vote yes- but nobody can figure out why. While she hates Austin, she apparently hates the voting public who failed her, and new administration, more!

Dave Rose, because he is second to last in the roll-call, is disguising his support! Here’s how the vote will go: Hollink- Yes; Rath- No; Todd- Yes; Rose- No; and the tie-breaker!, Warner- YES! Motion carried! Hollink gets revenge on the Republicans who didn’t support her; Todd gets a confirmation on his reelection bid; Rose comes out smelling like one having disguised his support with a meaningless “no”; and Warner is the big winner- delivering the Hamlin water system into the clutches of Monroe County while paying off his only two loyal supporters: Judy Hazen and Jim Brezlawski! (He will likely then be able to get the political appointment many think he’s been promised too!)

Shhhh! Listen! Do you hear the sound of a distant toilet flushing? Oh, that’s just our local water system!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hamlin's long-time Water Supervisor, Eric Peters, had an informative letter in the Hamlin Herald this weekend. He claims that switching to the MCWA will be more expensive for 56% of residents! In addition, all new homes coming on line, and seasonal lake front homes, will be whacked with huge increases for ordinary services.

Supervisor Warner, who claims to be on a virtuous crusade to "bring water to all residents," has yet to produce even one document to support the plan. A simple balance sheet showing cost/benefit would be a good start.

According to research, the Board of Directors of the Monroe County Water Authority is made up entirely of people who have strong connections to both the Real Estate and construction businesses! It has long been claimed that the actual, and demonstrable, goal of the Authority is to open up more and more land to development. (Goodbye deer!) Additionally, the MCWA has a stated goal of becoming a "regional" water supplier. In other words, they want to own the water system from Buffalo to Syracuse, south to Pa.

Former resident Jim Martin, who has studied the MCWA record, notes that out in Darien the MCWA owns some lines which the Erie County Water Authority must use to feed Six Flags. The MCWA has a meter on those lines and charges Erie County a fee to use them! Martin has posed an interesting question: If the MCWA actually just wants access to build new lines into Orleans County, which is their pattern, why don't we permit them to pass through Hamlin, using our lines, and charge them for it! It might result in lower water bills for everyone and the rapid rise of a reserve fund to cover repairs and improvements! Good idea!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Lame Duck tells paper, "I'd like to have it done this year!"
...another genius MARTOON!

Friday, November 18, 2005

...another great Martoon.

Friday, November 11, 2005

The turned-out Supervisors of Hamlin and Kendall have decided to hose down the voters on their way out. Both lame ducks have sprung a plan to sell their water departments to the Monroe County Water Authority.

The vanquished Supervisors have obviously been cooking up this scheme for weeks or months- most likely ever since the primary results came in!

The losers have cobbled together a plan to give their joint water district, and ALL of Hamlin's water assets to Monroe County for an astonishing $1. That’s correct, one dollar.

While a complete and reliable list of assets has not yet been presented it will include, at minimum, a $55,000 loader the two towns recently bought.

“Here is your brand new loader Mrs. Brooks! We hope Mr. Brooks makes good use of it!”
“Thank you! Here is your one dollar Mr Warner. Here is your one dollar Mr. Becker. Don’t spend it all at once!”
“We won’t! Bye!”

This is a very, very serious issue and one can only wonder what our Town Board members are thinking.

Boss Warner wants to ram this deal home and do it without supplying the Board with any hard facts. Warner’s entire career has rested on his ability to drag people into his office, march around blustering and buffaloing, saying nothing, until the victim is too tired and confused to resist. Like leaving a hypnotist’s office the poor soul wanders down the hall somehow persuaded that the Supervisor is right. It is a marvel!

No one knows how this scheme will affect taxpayers. It will be worse still for some local residents who will lose their full-time jobs.

This is an important, complicated decision and the Town Boards have an obligation to every single resident to make sure they have all the facts, all the data AND that it is TRUTHFUL!

Boss Warner has always operated with hidden agendas. That’s why his clique has been thrown out of office. He clearly has an agenda in this matter too. Most likely his scheme is to dedicte most of promised construction credits the County has offered to ensure that his loyal friend and supporter, Judy Hazen, gets a waterline. Additionally, Warner has been observed spending a lot of time huddled with Jim Breslawski, the discredited former Planning Board Chairman, at Breslawski’s farm on North Hamlin Road. Why would the Town Supervisor spend half his mornings in meetings with non-resident Breslawski, one of Hamlin’s largest landowners? Is the timing a coincidence? Not likely...

Warner wants to steam-roll Hamlin taxpayers on his way out the door. It is up to our Town Board to stop him! It may be that a proposal to sell all of the community's water districts and support hardware to Monroe County is a good idea but the taxpayers deserve a thorough accounting of the impact, the true costs and the effects on residents of the transaction.

These are just a few of the things the Town Board MUST look at:

* An exact, and VERIFIED balance sheet for the Hamlin Water Department. They, and the resident, deserve to know how well or poorly the system has operated and the revenue it has generated. If the HWD is profitable, we deserve to know why the Town would GIVE IT AWAY? Future earnings are worth something!

* An exact and verified list of the materials and hardware (including vehicles) which will be handed over to the County for one dollar. This MUST be verified. There can be no excuse for somebody “forgetting” an expensive piece of equipment. “Whoops!” is not acceptable!

*A complete accounting of the local jobs that will be lost and any compensation package the town will offer.

* An analysis of the impact this change will have on the quality of service in our community! The importance of this issue cannot be overemphasized! At present, all Hamlin Water Department employees live in Hamlin! When a customer has a problem the response comes from Hamlin! If the problem is not resolved, and this includes BILLING problems, access to a solution is right here in town. When all of these services are moved out to Rochester how will the residents be affected? This is important!

These are just the basics! Our Town Board must act professionally and effectively in this matter. They must demand and scrutinize all the facts. They cannot be negligent.

THERE IS NO RUSH! Just because Boss Warner wants to serve up some pork on his way out of office is not sufficient reason for the other elected officials to put on an apron and help.

The Blog! urges all concerned residents to attend Monday’s Town Board meeting and speak up. We don’t need to get soaked by a couple of lame-ducks.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Rejecting the bid for Town Justice by publisher Peter Tonery, the citizens soundly recorded their desire that The Blog! continue regular publication. As a Justice, Tonery would have been barred from publishing the highly political news site.

"I know he wanted that Justice job, but this was just too important for the community." said Alfred Campbell, Chairman of the Hamlin Republican Committee and one of the leaders of the effort to retain The Blog!

"It is vital that Tonery continue to publish the website," added James Nesbitt, Chairman of the Planning Board. "The Blog! provides the communitiy with so much essential information- I don't think we could get along without it."

"It is the lifeblood of Hamlin," said outgoing Supervisor Austin Warner III. "I read it religiously."

Sunday, November 06, 2005

The problem for incumbents is that they have to campaign on their record. Their record is the public history of their job performance.

Office holders frequently do favors for their constituency. Little things like calling the Highway Supervisor about a lawn ripped up by plows or getting an answer to a question about a water bill, simple things that provide a small service to someone in the community. This earns them some good will and support.

But that is not the job. The job of a Town Board member is to write legislation. They write or repair local laws to better serve the community. This is their only power, this is their duty. The fact that they have contacts and influence inside government is helpful for correcting small, personal issues for citizens, but it is not why they are elected.

Paul Rath’s record as a legislator is dismal.

Rath, a Certified Public Accountant, has never managed to improve the bookkeeping methods of the Town. Hamlin’s accounting methods are archaic and impossible to understand. For years Supervisor Warner has misled and misdirected funding for departments and projects because the budget is impenetrable.

Save for Pat MacIntosh, there is probably no one in local government who actually knows how our tax dollars are spent! And she’s not talking.

Rath has always been in a position to demand a change in accounting. As a CPA he might have demanded an open, transparent accounting process. He’s mentioned it, but never championed it. He never proposed to change it by law.

Hamlin’s budget is as secretive and old fashioned as it was when he first joined the Town Board. The proposed 2006 budget lists an item called “Personnel.” In this category one finds:

Personal Services for $47,529
Equipment for 0
Contractual Exp. for 6000
Total: $53,529

What does this MEAN? Is this open record keeping? Can the public learn anything about how thier money is spent with accounting like this?

Hamlin’s entire budget looks like this! No detail, no explanation, no transparency. No method for tracking payments. This is a “blind budget,” made purposefully to block public scrutiny.

Paul Rath has done little or nothing to improve it. Paul Rath, the CPA. One wonders how his business would prosper if he treated his clients like he treats the citizens of Hamlin.

As last Wednesday’s meeting demonstrates, Paul Rath is a defender of government closed to the public. That meeting, described below, concerned a proposal to give the Hamlin Water Department to the County. Warner sprung the proposal on the Town Board with no warning. He claimed the “Executive Session” privilege by suggesting it concerned “personnel matters.” The only issue concerning employees was the fact that three local jobs would be lost. THAT is not a “personnel matter” under the Open Meetings Law.

Rath knew that. The moment he learned that the meeting was about public matters, and not protected, he should have acted to cancel it. Paul Rath should have done his duty and made a motion to come out of Executive Session, regardless of the Supervisor’s desire to keep the matter hidden from the public.

According to the Town website, of the 25 meetings from October 2003 (the first date minutes were posted) until October 2005 12 went into Executive Session! Almost 50% of all Town Board meetings ended in secrecy! Six times the reason given was a "personnel matter", three were "litigation matters" and three times, no reason was given! Paul Rath made the motion to go into Executive Session twice, and seconded the motion two other times. All other times he voted "aye", agreeing to the session. Normally it was Warner who made the motion (7 times.)

Almost all of these Executive Sessions were illegal. Lame Duck Supervisor Warner was infamous for lying about the validity of Executive Sessions but where was Rath to stop him? Doesn’t Paul Rath believe in the principle of an “open and honest government?”

Nobody, not one Town Board member, has EVER acted to terminate an illegal Executive Session. They do not respect or support transparent government. Paul Rath and the other Board members seem to believe that election to office enables them to hide decision-making from the voters.

Mr Rath, government and its processes belong to the public. You are not better than any other citizen. It is your duty to promote and protect open government. Mr. Rath, YOU are not royalty.

Hamlin faces many serious challenges as a community. Controlled growth is probably the most serious and the one the Town Board has the most direct, immediate power to affect.

Paul Rath has done nothing to address it.

When the DeMarco project reared its ugly head, the stupidity and laziness of the Town Board was revealed. The DeMarco parcel had been zoned for high density housing back in the 1970's. All that time the Board was asleep at the wheel. At anytime they could have acted to rezone the land to prevent a proposal for low-income housing.

Nobody ever acted.

That’s not the worst part. Since the developer dropped the project the Town Borad has still not acted!

At any point after the developer dropped the proposal the Town Board could have rezoned the land and blocked any future problem. They didn’t. They never even talked about it!

They say that fish can only remember things for five minutes. Fish, and the Hamlin Town Board.

Rath failed with DeMarco. Rath failed to get the new Master Plan completed. Rath failed to improve accounting. Rath failed to contest or promote open government. Rath failed to challenge Warner’s divisive and damaging policies.

Rath has failed at virtually every obligation which a Town Board member is elected for.

What is that old adage about leadership? “ Lead, follow or get out of the way.”

Maybe it should end with, “Or don’t get reelected”

Friday, November 04, 2005


On Wednesday night the Hamlin Town Board met secretly with representatives of the Monroe County Water Authority. The meeting was scheduled to discuss other matters and Town Board members were surprised when Austin Warner called for an “Executive Session.” Both the public and the Town Clerk were kicked out of the meeting!

What followed was a proposal to turn the Hamlin Water Department over to the Monroe County Water Authority!

This idea is not new. Warner discussed it as far back as 1999 when he created the Hamlin Water Committee. That group was charged with persuading Dave Rose, then Highway Superintendent, to use the Highway Department to install waterlines, something Rose had resisted for decades.

Back then, Warner claimed that giving Hamlin’s Water Department to the county was a bad idea. He said that it would not save any money, that we would lose important local services, that it would cut jobs, that County waterline installation was too expensive, and most importantly, he said the County would PAY NOTHING to Hamlin for it!

How does Hamlin benefit from having its own Water Department? First, the service residents receive is excellent. If you have a problem with your water you can be sure someone FROM HAMLIN will be at your door in 30 minutes or less! Second, it was proven, even to the reluctant Rose, that our Highway Department can install waterlines cheaper then the county or outside contractors. If the county takes over, all the work will go to their contractors and the town will lose tens of thousands of dollars in revenues. In addition, the Highway Department might have to cut jobs. That, in turn will impact snow plowing. Third, water users will likely pay more in county fees and service charges.

Let’s look at each of these issues:

SERVICE: Our Water Department employees are RESIDENTS. They live in Hamlin, work in Hamlin and pay taxes in Hamlin. If you live in town, then you are never too far when a call goes out for help. Our Water Department employees have provided many services to residents that aren’t “in the manual.” They’ve helped senior citizens change a washer in a faucet; They’ve advised newcomers to the lakeshore about how to winterize their lines to prevent freezing; They advise home builders on the location of waterlines and easements. That is hometown service.

WATERLINES: Warner had the right idea when he decided that the Highway Department should install waterlines throughout the community. He asked local expert John La Rue to be on the Water Committee. La Rue new the price for virtually every aspect of installation and defeated every objection Mr. Rose made. The Town DOES install waterlines cheaper than outside contractors. More importantly, by having additional summer work, and revenues, the Highway Department can afford to maintain staffing levels sufficient to keep our roads plowed during winter blizzards.

If the County takes over our water, Hamlin will lose at least three local jobs! Three local people, Hamlin residents, forced onto unemployment.

FEES: The Town adds only about TEN CENTS per thousand gallons to the cost of water for providing local service! This charge is added onto what all of us pay for water from the county, so our “savings” would only be ten cents per thousand! But what about other fees? The county charges “rental fees” on meters and there are always new surcharges from someplace for something. NOBODY in Hamlin will save money on their water bill as a result of switching to the County.

What is the motive? Why would Austin Warner spring this idea at this point in time? He has less than two months left on the job. Giving the Department to the County has always been an option, why propose it just as he walks out the door?

This is the $64,000 question. Nobody knows for sure what Warner is up too. If having a local Water Department was good for the five years and ten months of his “reign,” why is it a bad idea now?

Warner has told Water employees, “The Department is not making enough money.” He admits that it is profitable! That means it is self supporting and offsets taxes! If the problem is that the “profit margin” is not high enough he needs to think it through. Gouging residents is probably not the role of local government. A little profit is probably just right.

This is important: Warner is not SELLING the Department, he is GIVING IT AWAY! In other situations the MC Water Authority has pledged or contracted to contribute millions to a community. They have done this in places which could add big profits or where a given town could provide access to other communities further away.

In Hamlin’s case the County has “promised” to “help” with funding new waterlines. Why “promise?” What not “agree?” Why not have a contract stating what they WILL do? Has anyone ever tried to deposit a “promise” in the bank? Is that the best the Supervisor could do for Hamlin? A “promise” to “help?”

So, if the idea harms residents, puts local people out of work, fails to lower the cost of water- WHY would he do it?

We can only speculate.

Some residents think Warner has been promised a job with the Water Authority after he retires in exchange for the gift.

Some, and this has come from several well connected sources, believe he wants to hand out a little pork while he still has the power.

Apparently there has been a proposal to install a waterline down Brick Schoolhouse Road. The plan has languished because there simply are not enough residents to make it affordable. NYS would not approve the water bond and the district would be rejected.

But not if the County “helps!”

Who lives on this part of Brick Schoolhouse Road? Why none other than Judy Hazen! Hazen, of course, is Republican Town Leader and commander-in-chief of the Warner Republicans! Judy Hazen is the boss of the “Good-Ole-Boys.” Hazen was the person who threatened members of the Hamlin Republican committee at primary time saying, “If you don’t carry a petition for Pat MacIntosh, you are OFF this committee!” While Warner’s planned succession failed miserably, it would be normal for Warner to disregard the good of the entire community just to provide his loyal supporter with a perk.

Can anyone doubt it?

So next Christmas, when company is over and a waterline breaks in the cellar, call the Monroe County Water Authority. You can speak to a nice friendly tape machine, like when you call Niagra-Mohawk. Leave a message. They’ll get back to you.

* * * * *

***UPDATE**** It is widely reported that the reason "The Department isn't making enough money," is because Candidate Pat MacIntosh MISSED A DEADLINE for a water bill payment and that triggered a PENALTY OF $4000!!!

The Blog! will be seeking the records on this!

* * * * *
PS: This illegal “Executive Session” dealt with obvious public information! Once again, no member of the Town Board had the courage, the ethics or the moral fiber to stand up and STOP the meeting. No protest, no dissent. Warner declared an illegal act and the Town Board members consent to participate. Like the guy who drives the car for the bank robbers- they are just as guilty.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

For larger version click on this link- Open_Country2-1.JPG

Friday, October 21, 2005
This letter was submitted by Ms. Jeanine Klopp, Asst.Chair of the Hamlin Democratic Committee.

In a time of great uncertainty it is comforting to know that there are dedicated people committed to ideas and values which will make our community a better, safer place to live. These are the principles of the Hamlin Democratic Committee, adopted by resolution in July.

Preserving our rural and agricultural environment
We believe Hamlin must act aggressively to establish limits on development and protect agriculture. Local government must produce a smart, strong and forward-looking Comprehensive Plan which developers and residents can use as a road map for growth, even as it is the foundation of preservation.

Justice for all
We believe that all local laws should be applied and enforced fairly. That every resident is valued and considered equal. We believe that whenever a resident has a problem, or seeks help, local government will respond quickly and with respect. There should be no exceptions.

Open Government
We believe government belongs to the people: that the public has an inalienable right to open meetings and transparent management. We believe it is the duty of local government to actively inform citizens of the issues and decisions it makes, to reach out to the community in a reliable, truthful manner. We believe in welcoming and encouraging residents to take an active role in the town’s management and in the planning of its future.

Prudent and Responsible Administration
The mission of government at any level is to promote and protect
the, “health, safety and welfare” of its citizens. This includes spending tax dollars frugally and intelligently. It means ensuring that every transaction the town enters into is carefully scrutinized to maximize the benefits for the community.

The Importance of Family
Economic forces have created great strains on the American family. Most homes in Hamlin now have two wage earners. Over 85% of our workers drive sixty minutes or more to their jobs every day. Hamlin is where families reconnect, where they relax and recreate. Local government should focus its attention and resources on providing the services which best, most effectively, serve the needs of our working families.

For too long local government has lost contact with what is genuinely important to citizens. It is time to remedy that. This Declaration of Principles is also our political platform. If you believe that these ideals have value please consider supporting our goal of improving local government.

To learn more visit our website at or attend one of our meetings held on the fourth Wednesday of each month in the Town Hall.

Jeanine Klopp

Assistant Chair
Hamlin Democratic Committee


The Blog! invites other political parties and organizations to submit their letters of purpose.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

For years The Blog! has been warning residents about the stubborn campaign, waged by Zoning Board Chairman Norm Baas, to ruin the rural character of Hamlin. In direct opposition to the facts, published research, expert opinion and government studies, Norm Baas has insisted that Hamlin must have smaller lot sizes in our agricultural districts.

His destructive plan is about to be achieved.

The alleged “Comprehensive Plan” Committee, which has been in existence for OVER three years, has finally produced a proposal! The ONLY item of significance in it is the recommendation to shrink the lot sizes.

(While taking three years to produce almost nothing would be noteworthy in other circumstances, it is commonplace in Hamlin. It is SOP and a analysis of the “product “ will be forthcoming!)

According to members of the Committee, past and present, virtually every meeting began with a tedious monologue by Baas about reducing lot sizes. Mind you, he NEVER offered supporting data, never provided any evidence to prove his assertion, he simply, tirelessly, echoed his opinion over and over and over. Perhaps just to shut him up the “Committee” agreed to his position.

However, they did “compromise.” Instead of the two acre parcels Baas wanted they settled on three.

Now, what do the experts in NYS say? The official recommendation of the Agricultural and Markets Department, the Planning Federation and the Department of State is that the BEST way to protect farmland from development is by having minimum lot sizes of TEN ACRES!

These aren’t baseless suggestions either. They have been implemented in many communities and the proof is there. Towns with smaller lot sizes transform into suburbs much more rapidly. Larger lot sizes are a disincentive to both seller and buyer. People who want a “farmette” or country living life style will be willing to purchase the bigger lots. If a farmer has to sell ten acres to a builder the sacrifice to his ag business is significant. That is the FORCE which protects agriculture. It is proven.

But don’t bother Norm Baas with the facts. He is stubborn, old fashioned, out of touch with contemporary planning stategies- and obsessed by this one idea.

Norm is twenty five years behind the times. Oh, and he’s the Chairman of Hamlin’s Zoning Board.

A man who won’t do any research, who holds destructive opinions and refuses to substantiate them- HE is in charge of zoning in Hamlin!

Readers of The Blog! are urged to be alert to the public hearings on this awful proposal and turn out to oppose it!
*** *** ***

Please click on the link below to read about an enlightened NYS farming community which recently INCREASED its minimum lot sizes to ten acres. Their local government is mostly farmers!


Tuesday, October 04, 2005
FEMA's Brown was a "Good Guy"

In last month’s Republican Primary a new generation of voters joined forces with a broad cross section of more traditional Hamlin voters to oust the Warner administration from power. The vote against Pat MacIntosh was a staggering 67%! Fully two-thirds of the Republicans who were involved, informed and motivated enough to cast primary votes sent a clear message: “Out With The Old!”

It was the first chime from the bell announcing the end of the “Good-Ole-Boy” era.

There will be a new Supervisor that is certain. Dennis Roach has the credentials, the education and the experience to be Hamlin’s first “modern” leader. Roach has had a long professional career in the navy and private sector. Individuals who advance in the military must show ambition, determination, competitiveness and a commitment to education.

These are exactly the virtues that have been missing from local government for too many years!

Hamlin confronts many serious issues in it’s future. The most important of which is the speed and shape of development. For almost a decade the Chairman of the Zoning Board, Norm Baas, has advocated reducing the minimum lot size in agricultural, low-density districts. This is precisely the opposite of what dozens of studies, in NYS and across the US, prove is the method to preserve and protect farmland. ***

Meanwhile, for years the Chairman of the Planning Board, Jim Nesbitt, has pushed a clandestine plan to find government money for his pet issue: Getting tax-payers subsidize the Brockport Yacht Club! With Warner’s consent, Nesbitt quietly created the specious “Sandy Harbor Management Committee,” a bogus, wasteful expansion of local government. The Committee was invented as an “official” entity to disguise the goal of obtaining grants to pay for the dredging needed to allow sailboats out to the lake. The Yacht Club, in a painfully obvious reversal of the “Personal Responsibility” virtue claimed by conservatives, reasoned that if other boaters use the inlet then the taxpayers ought to fund the dredging! The BYC pretended it didn’t know that power and pleasure craft don’t require dredging! Nesbitt’s shabby committee hit a moral low point when it claimed that one of it’s goals included “ Homeland Security,” thereby enabling it to apply for Federal grant money!

The new Supervisor will be saddled by a Town Board comprised of men who have had their government jobs for too long. Rose, Todd and Rath are conditioned by too many years of service to an apathetic and dysfunctional administration. Hamlin’s town Board is renowned for its lack of imagination, initiative and willingness to work. While they “liaison” with local organizations, they have never studied or discussed critical planning and development issues.

However, they are all “good guys!” No question about that. Each of these individuals is bright, friendly and out-going. They just don’t DO anything. Being a “good guy” is not very hard. Studying, committing to on-going training and analyzing complicated ideas is. Voters must consider if “good guy” is sufficient reason to support local officials who hold the future of the community in their hands.

Dennis Roach is obviously a smart, pro-active individual motivated by a genuine desire for public service. Unfortunately for him, he will likely inherit a disinterested, dysfunctional Town Board.

It’s unfortunate for Hamlin too. One step forward, three steps back.


*** Read a story from the Spring 2005 "PLANNING NEWS" published by the New York Planning Federation about the Town of Flemming, outside Auburn. The community is 90% agricultural and recently passed a new zoning ordinance making the minimum lot size in Ag. District TEN ACRES! The Supervisor, a third generation farmer, said, there is "strong support from the local farm community" for the new law.

NOTE: This is a LARGE .jpeg file so give it a moment to load.


Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Local chicken farmer Jim Breslawski is back at it. Like some horrible bad penny he reappeared last night at the meeting of the Hamlin Republican Committee. Our beloved and fearless leader, Supervisor Warner, actually nominated Breslawski for membership on the committee!!!

Paul Rath, finally mustering some juavos, challenged the nomination saying that since Breslawski didn’t live in Hamlin he was not eligible for membership. The enraged, red-faced SlawMan hissed, “I DO live in Hamlin. That’s all been taken care of!” Then he swore at Rath a little bit and finished by saying, “I have been reinstated.”

I don't think so...and it's news to the MC Board of ElectionS!

How was Jim “reinstated?” He simply filled out and mailed in a new voter registration card claiming he lived at 1534 North Hamlin Road!

He did this ONE MONTH after the Monroe County Board of Elections ruled that he DID NOT reside at 1534 North Hamlin Road and revoked his right to vote in Hamlin!


Once again, everybody in town knows that JB lives at 26 Deer Track Lane in CLARKSON!

Jim just doesn’t care.

Is this rational behavior? Does it make sense to risk felony prosecution for voter fraud? Does Austin Warner have even half a brain?

Arrogance and blind, stupid stubbornness is the likely answer.

Bawwkk! Stay tuned!

[*Go to The Blog archives for Thursday, March 24, 2005 to see the letter from the Board of Elections, dated 3/18/05 and read about JB resiging from the Planning Board as a consequence. Jim's "new" voter registration was recorded in the BoE offices on 4/13/05!]

The sodas are in a cooler on my front porch. Help yourself. They're really old and warm. Mostly flat.

More on the marathon 2 1/2 hour HRC meeting coming. Judy Hazen and Butch Warner's power play largely failed. It gradually dawned on them that alienating 95% of Hamlin Republicans was not a good move.

The Editor

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Local chicken farmer Jim Breslawski is back at it. Like some horrible bad penny he reappeared last night at the meeting of the Hamlin Republican Committee. Our beloved and fearless leader, Supervisor Warner, actually nominated Breslawski for membership on the committee!!!

Paul Rath, finally mustering some juavos, challenged the nomination saying that since Breslawski didn’t live in Hamlin he was not eligible for membership. The enraged, red-faced SlawMan hissed, “I DO live in Hamlin. That’s all been taken care of!” Then he swore at Rath a little bit and finished by saying, “I have been reinstated.”

I don't think so...and it's news to the MC Board of ElectionS!

How was Jim “reinstated?” He simply filled out and mailed in a new voter registration card claiming he lived at 1534 North Hamlin Road!

He did this ONE MONTH after the Monroe County Board of Elections ruled that he DID NOT reside at 1534 North Hamlin Road and revoked his right to vote in Hamlin!


Once again, everybody in town knows that JB lives at 26 Deer Track Lane in CLARKSON!

Jim just doesn’t care.

Is this rational behavior? Does it make sense to risk felony prosecution for voter fraud? Does Austin Warner have even half a brain?

Arrogance and blind, stupid stubbornness is the likely answer.

Bawwkk! Stay tuned!

[*Go to The Blog archives for Thursday, March 24, 2005 to see the letter from the Board of Elections, dated 3/18/05 and read about JB resiging from the Planning Board as a consequence. Jim's "new" voter registration was recorded in the BoE offices on 4/13/05!]

The sodas are in a cooler on my front porch. Help yourself. They're really old and warm. Mostly flat.

More on the marathon 2 1/2 hour HRC meeting coming. Judy Hazen and Butch Warner's power play largely failed. It gradually dawned on them that alienating 95% of Hamlin Republicans was not a good move.

The Editor

Thursday, September 22, 2005
The Thing That Wouldn’t Die!

The local Republican rumor-mill is buzzing with the story that Austin Warner thinks he has enough political currency to try for a power grab inside the Hamlin Republican Committee!

It seems Warner wants to take control of the party by becoming the new Chairman! Al Campbell, the present chair was hand-picked by Warner, plucked fresh from the Knights of Columbus at SEAS. Warner wants the job now that he is “retiring” as Supervisor.

He is like the trick birthday candle that won’t go out!

Doesn’t Warner realize that he has completely blown his authority inside the party? He just finished leading Steve Minarik, Pat MacIntosh and Gerry Hutchison into the Little Big Horn of Republican primaries! Despite this, he thinks that he has sufficient influence to make himself Chairman.



Hamlin’s Republican voters just decided who has the authority to speak for them. Dennis Roach collected 54% of the vote- more than MacIntosh and Hollink combined! That vote was a crystal clear mandate. The power in the Hamlin Republican Committee belongs to the victors.

That’s what democracy is about.

Is it astonishing pridefulness that permits Warner to think he still has some authority? Who would support him? Does the little clique of GOB’s who rigged the nomination for MacIntosh last spring still believe they rule the party?

Does Warner think he has any credibility with Monroe County Republicans after turning in such a disaster in the primary? Steve Minarik must be furious that he bought into Warner’s salesmanship and backed such big losers.

Warner played all his cards and was trumped on every one. He tried to bluff the voters but they kept raising him. Roach and Marchetti took all his cash. Warner is busted and out of the game.

Republican voters sent a powerful message to their Committee, and the members had better heed it: The winners of the primary DON’T NEED YOU!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Zoning Board acts to community’s benefit!

In Monday’s ZBA meeting the request by the developer for “Country Estates” to have .3 acre lots was denied!

This is good news for Hamlin. The developer asserted that the homes he planned to build on these tiny lots would sell for $175,000- righhhht.

Too bad for Hamlin the ZBA failed to make their determination based on the most important reason for refusal: Hamlin does not need any more “cheap” housing.

Residents want limitations on new development and this 70+ unit project would not have been an asset to the community. THAT is a legitimate reason for refusal.

As expected ZBA Chairman Norm Baas did his usual head-shaking routine about how the board was going to be sued, demonstrating once again how little he knows about his job! Baas showed both his ignorance of zoning matters and his unshakable prejudice for granting variances regardless of their impact on the community.

Good job Zoning Board! You did the right thing. Maybe next time you can do it for the right reasons.

FOOTNOTE: It is ironic that the first significant variance request was denied right after the Zoning Law was modified to MAKE IT EASIER TO GRANT THEM!

Monday, September 19, 2005
Political Cartoon by Jimmy M. Bell
Cick on link...

Friday, September 16, 2005

The benefits just keep piling up!

Friday night, 9/16.

Nine PM.

Gas prices:
Tops 3.09
Bob’s 3.01
Prince’s 3.11
K&K 3.09

Thank you Hamlin Planning & Zoning Boards!

When the Tops Corporation asked for five variances and approval to build a gas station within 1/4 mile of three others, the Boards assured the public that the benefit to them would be lower gas prices. With plenty of winks and nods, these geniuses assured Hamlin residents that another gas station would benefit us.

Plenty of citizens, including the other station owners, small business persons who live and work in Hamlin, told board members that the actual result would be a loss of revenues to their businesses of about 25% EACH! With plenty of nods and winks the public looked at each other and said, “Somebody’s gonna fold.”

Most benevolent Planning Board Co-Chairman Jim Nesbitt pontificated on the challenges he faced when Tops started selling cards in competition with his wife’s gift shop. His expert economic advice to the other gas station owners was essentially, “You’ll live...or you won’t.”

That’s how Hamlin’s local government works. They sure know what they’re talking about.

And we REALLY appreciate the lower gas prices too!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005
. . . . . . USS Hamlin Disaster goes to the bottom


A new generation of Republican voters spoke with an overwhelming voice in last night's primary election. The message was clear and decisive.


Tired of the dissmal "Good-ole-boy" organization which has crippled local government for nearly a decade, Republican voters came out in unprecedented numbers to stage a dramatic, and uncontestible, coupe.

Austin Warner's hand picked successors, Pat MacIntosh for Supervisor and Gerry Hutchison for Town Board, were crushed by challengers Dennis Roach and Mike Marchetti.

The two men, campaigning as a team, swept the vote grabbing a huge 50% total in a three way race for Supervisor and four way contest for town board.

Supporter's gathered at "North of the Border" resturant to celebrate.

"This is a tremendous victory!" said former Town Board member Ed Evans. "It shows that Hamlin Republicans were fed up with the abuse of power. They have given these new leaders a huge mandate."

"These election results will revitalize the Hamlin Republican Committee," said Sue Evans. "Many of the good people who were driven away will be anxious to return."

Despite a torrent of money from Monroe County Republican Chairman Steven Minarik the MacIntosh campaign was a complete bust. Estimates of MacIntosh's spending run as high as ten thousand dollars, unprecedented for any campaign in Hamlin, astonishing for a primary.

"I think the County GOP did their survey and were shocked that local Republicans were not willing to blindly support the endorsed candidates." said one local Marchetti supporter, "Minarik tried to buy Hamlin and found out it wasn't for sale!"

The lame-duck administration of the Hamlin Republican Committee trekked to the turf of the victorious challengers to offer their bewildered congratulations. One observer remarked, "It's hard to imagine what they have to say to Denny and Mike. They didn't back them and threatened anybody who did with being kicked off the committee. I suppose it's gracious."

Political observers anticipate that the desiccated remains of the Warner Republicans will soon be forced to exit the HRC.

"They backed the wrong horses," said a lifelong resident and Republican. "They overplayed their hand. They are now obsolete. Roach and Marchetti don't owe them anything. The voters have spoken overwhelmingly. The old guard is gone."

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Saturday, September 10, 2005
. . Only Steve Minarik's inedible head and feet remain after his Cane Corso attack dogs turned on him. The animal later died of rabies.


If anyone needed more proof that Pat MacIntosh’s campaign is being managed and funded by Steve Minarik, they only have to look at the stupid “attack flyer" Republicans received yesterday.

And it is, REALLY STUPID! The attack is about Shirley missing two budget votes in five years. Of course, it doesn’t reveal that Austin Warner orchestrated one of those absences, calling a special meeting specifically on a date she was going to be out of town! Hollink objected, and asked for an earlier date when she would be in Hamlin, but Warner and the Town Board overruled her!

Her other absence was to attend the funeral of her mother-in-law! Nice of PatMac to criticsize Hollink for THAT!

Naturally, they failed to mention that PatMac never attended ANY MEETINGS about ANYTHING, save the ones on the budget! PatMac’s “attendance” was non-existent!

Why didn’t Minarik attack Shirley on REAL issues? Hollink has been a determined opponent of the Hamlin library since it began. Hollink has always participated in illegal “Executive Sessions” where public business is conducted in private. A “real” campaign” would pick on real issues. This is just the usual Minarik smear stuff.


When MacIntosh’s campaign ends, the cost will approach $10,000!



What is going on here? Steve Minarik didn’t even know how to spell Hamlin until two months ago! Now he’s dumping ten grand into a PRIMARY?

Something is very, very fishy. If PatMac is elected, Hamlin government will owe a tremendous dept to Minarik.

What will it be? What will it be?


This pattern of four “nice-nice” mailers followed by two nasty vicious attack pieces is standard, CLASSIC, Steve Minarik campaign style. He always shoots off his mouth about “negative advertising” but he practices it more than anyone, everyone else combined.

Republicans can expect to receive a flyer today attacking Dennis Roach. Roach has extremely good credentials and plenty of experience to be a town Supervisor- in ANY town. Roach retired from the Navy as a Warfare Captain. From there he administered several organizations for the military and then, as a civilian, managed educational programs for both SUNY Brockport and Gates/Chili.

Roach has a Masters degree in Public Administration. How will PatMac and Minarik attack THAT?!

The Blog predicts
that Minarik will accuse Roach of “inexperience,” that he doesn’t “know the community” and that he’s “soft on Democrats.”

Roach has been a Hamlin resident for almost ten years, he has a world of practical management experience and believes that good government is inclusive.

It will be interesting to see how the Minarik/MacIntosh attack dogs try to sink the Captain.

RELEASE THE HOUNDS! We'll see if they can swim.

Friday, September 09, 2005

LIAR-FLYER The Devil is in the Details!

By now Hamlin's long suffering Republicans have seen at least four of these propaganda pieces. As described below these 8x10, four-color, glossy, two-sided flyers are VERY expensive. They have, obviously, been paid for with out-of-town money.

There is NO WAY Pat MacIntosh has raised $5000 plus for a PRIMARY campaign!

Why is Steve Minarik and the Monroe County Republican Committee so interested in making sure that Pat MacIntosh is elected supervisor?

What do they have to gain? What are they trying to protect? What are they afraid of?

Maggie Brooks seems to be deeply involved in this primary effort. She appears on MacIntosh's mailing and has recorded an automated phone message.

Most people know that the Monroe County GOP is closely linked to developers and construction companies. Typically, the top five donors to the County Executive campaigns are builders.

DeMarco is a developer and signifigant contributor to the GOP.

Could this be the link?

Mike Marchetti was the principle organizer to the effort to stop the DeMarco low-income housing project. Marchetti is allied with Dennis Roach.

Is the money being spent on Pat MacIntosh "pay back" for blocking the DeMarco project?

What is Pat MacIntosh going to owe her Monroe County GOP sponsors?

How bad will that be for Hamlin?

I wish we knew.

Item #1: For the past four years Pat MacIntosh has represented Austin Warner in all matters relating to the town budget. During public hearings MacIntosh has fielded all questions from taxpayers and Town Board members alike. She alone could answer questions about transfers, changes in line-items and increases or reductions. It was apparent that MacIntosh, not Warner, created and managed Hamlin’s budget.

That makes her responsible for it, even if she was never elected to do it!

MacIntosh is responsible for a compounded increase in Town taxes of almost 10% since Warner came into office!

MacIntosh had the responsibility but not the accountability. Maybe the taxpayers will do that now!

* * * * *
Item #2: “Preserve Hamlin’s quality of life and provide valuable services to residents of all ages.” Oh, OK Pat!

MacIntosh has been one of the most dogged and aggressive opponents of the Hamlin library, second only to Shirley Hollink!

MacIntosh was the architect of a scheme to grab the library’s $200,000 bequest and put it into the town budget! Working behind the scenes, she pushed Warner to write a Town Board resolution which would have snatched the library’s gift away!

MacIntosh wanted to grab the library money to try to keep the tax increases down!

The Trustees of the Hamlin library had to fight tooth and nail to protect those funds which were designated for building and new books. Luckily for Hamlin, the Trustees were tough and well advised. They refused to sign the resolution. Ultimately, they made MacIntosh and Warner back down and preserved the bequest.

MacIntosh, of course, has never used the library herself! That’s why stealing it’s endowment is compatible with, “ provide valuable services.”

* * * * *
Item #3: Gerry Hutchinson says, “Through the development of the comprehensive master plan we have crafted a vision that will preserve the rural character of our town.”


He doesn’t even know the NAME of the thing he’s supposed to be writing!

Hutchinson has “chaired” this committee for over two years and the document is not yet delivered!

The old one is 26 pages! In all likelihood less then 20% of it will be changed. How hard can it be? How many years does it take to update 6 pages???

The Blog appreciates some of the problems Hutchinson has had to cope with. A key member of the committee is Hamlin’s Zoning Board Chairman Norm Baas and, as everyone knows, Norm hates to read. It must have been very difficult to move the process along with players like that on the team.

Of course, Gerry doesn’t mention that the public has been prohibited from attending his meetings! All these Warner Republicans spew noise about “open government” but Gerry Hutchinson’s Comprehensive Plan Re-Write Committee is CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC!

Unfortunately for Hamlin taxpayers Gerry’s “vision” will have to wait a while. Under the law any committee closed to public scrutiny becomes “advisory” only. Whatever “plan” he comes up with will have to be entirely re-written by the Town Board! That’s the only way to make it legal!

Hamlin has seen a 10% increase in approved housing in 2005 alone!!! I hope Hutchinson doesn’t dawdle too much longer on “his vision.”